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Remote Support
End-user will need to provide purchase receipt that indicates they are still within warranty for Remote support service.
Please choose Q&A first if you ran into problem.
David-Link Remote Support saves you lots of time on software setup issues. Our support technician will access your computer via internet while with you on the phone, and guide you through our software. To get remote support please make sure your computer is connected to the internet and follow the steps below.

Step 1 Click To Download
Our support technician will lead you to this page or send you an URL link to this page. Please download the remote support application by clicking on the following icon:


Step 2 Run the Remote Assistant AnyDesk
Please run AnyDesk.exe after the download completes.
After the download completes, run this application from your pc or from your download folder.
You can also click from the broswer to run the software.

Step 3 Tell Us the Connection Number
Please provide the ID number showing in the red circle to our representative. He/she will begin the remote support process in order to better assist you.