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David-Link USB driver installation for Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit).

With the introduction of Windows 8, driver signature enforcement was introduced as an added security feature. The goal is added difficulty to prevent the average user from installing malicious hardware drivers on their systems. However, not all unsigned drivers are malicious and therefore this will have to be temporarily disabled to install our drivers. This short guide will provide directions to do so.

Before we begin, be sure to save all your work in any open programs. The process will require your computer to be restarted.

Step 1: Pull up the Windows settings menu (move mouse to right-hand corner screen or left-hand, or Windows key + I)

Step 2: Select Change PC settings

Step 3: For Windows 8 - Select General, then proceed to step 4.

For Windows 8.1 – Select Update & recovery

Then Recovery on the left side


Step 4: Scroll down to Advanced startup and click Restart now

Step 5: Select troubleshoot under the Choose an option menu

Step 6: Select Advanced options

Step 7: Select Startup Settings

Step 8: Click Restart on the Startup Settings menu to reboot your computer again

Step 9: Select “Disable driver signature enforcement” by tapping the F7 or 7 key


Windows will now reboot into the standard lock screen. Sign in as normally, you should now be able to install our David-Link USB drivers.