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[Biometric Time & Attendance to be implemented in all of India's Central Government offices within January 2015]

Recent studies show that Government organizations in India that have implemented Biometric Time & Attendance solutions have seen tremendous growth in overall efficiency. In a short span of three months, the average presence time in office utilized has increased 20 minutes per day across 47,000 employees, totaling 16,000 man-hours. Great positive feedback across 387 organizations have been received, as result the Indian Government has ordered the implementation of biometric solutions expanded into all Government offices by Republic Day (January 26).

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[Biometrics in everyday world - Healthcare]

Biometrics identification technologies are increasing in demand esp in healthcare. WHY? Simply want to protect patients. donors, technicians, nurses' private information and avoid duplicates!

See below for an article from iHealthBeat:


Few Examples:

1. St. Vincent's Medical Center Clay County in Florida -- which opened Oct. 1 -- offers biometric patient check-in via palm scanning.

2. A number of blood banks now use fingerprint scanning to identify donors. Those facilities include the Suncoast Communities Blood Bank, which in May received a $26,000 grant to help fund a biometrics-based donor check-in system.

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